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Visitors to the Tate Modern’s new gallery are in for a treat

Gallery visitors to the newest art installation at the London Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall are going to get a special treat as the choreographed performers actually mix and mingle with the crowd there to observe the work.

The dancers will move to the rhythm of These Associations written by Tino Sehgal a British-German artist, but their movements will not be entirely at will as they have rehearsed for this moment over the past few months. The entire piece is said to consist of ‘live encounters with other people’ that will mix together the art of conversation, singing, and dance.

Director of Tate Modern Chris Darcon stated that the piece is very anarchic and brings a lot of energy to the museum. Darcon went on to explain that the piece of art has helped bring life into the Turbine Hall using only social interaction and the human body which is what makes the actual piece so stunning. Over the past the Turbine Hall has been filled with just about everything that you could ponder including giant spiders and larger than life ceramic seeds.

Sehgal however does not use physical objects to create his masterpieces; instead he uses the human body and the science of physical interaction. As his formal training has been in both choreography and political economics it only makes sense that he would use live participants for his performance art.

At times visitors will not be able to tell the performers are part of the exhibit, while other times they will know for sure. This makes it very interesting to walk into the gallery for the first time.


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