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We Love Walthamstow exhibit opens at The Mill community centre

A new art exhibition that explores the way people bond to the place that they live has opened at The Mill community centre entitled the ‘We Love Walthamstow’ display. Hosted at Coppermill Lane in Walthmastow, the display will sport 35 pieces from professional and amateur artists that live in the area.

The exhibition just opened a few days ago and curator and organizer Mo Gallattio stated that two pieces have already been sold. She explained that the opening went great and everyone that came to see the artwork said over and over again how much they liked the pieces of display.

Gallattio went on to explain that the draw of the show is the fact that each piece displays the personal relationship that the artist has to Walthamstow. She said that they were able to show that it is a quirky and unusual place to live with a strong sense of community that really draws people in.

She continued to say that the art that is on display in the town should either by done by the community or be about the community. In this exhibition she says that both of these basics have been covered making this local Walthamstow exhibition one that is really crafted for the community to enjoy.

The exhibition is at The Mill Community Centre and is free to visit up until March 24th when it will close. Most of the artworks on display at the centre are available for purchase. Any interested buyers should see Mo Gallattio for more information.

The artwork on display varies by artist and varies from oil paintings to pencil drawings to watercolours to collage art. The artwork is also crafted in many different sizes and presented in different formats on the walls making it more intriguing to look at.


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