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Wedgwood Pottery Experience Review

This review was submitted by Amanda who took her whole family with her for an arty day out to the Wedgwood Visitor Centre using a gift experience box she bought from Next.

Wedgwood Pottery ExperienceI always encourage my kids to be creative, so when we were stuck for things to do during the summer holidays, I picked up a great days out pack from a gift experience stand in my local Next while shopping for some new summer clothes.

These gift experience days are from a company called Activity Superstore and give you a choice of about 20 things you can do, either on your own, with someone else or with your whole family.

I bought one, then got my husband to phone up the company to find out about all the things we could do. And when I heard the person on the other end of the phone say Wedgwood pottery experience, I knew that was exactly what we wanted!

It’s a long story, but I’d heard about the Wedgwood centre before, because that’s where most of my Aunt’s plates come from.

We booked ourselves in for that weekend, packed up the kids in the car and drove off to Stoke on Trent to find Wedgwood, set in 250 acres of beautiful of parkland – Which we let the kids run about in and wear themselves out for the drive home later!

We started with a quick tour around the centre and the Wedgwood museum which was all about Josiah Wedgwood and the roots of the company.

Then we all sat down for lunch in their Ivyhouse restaurant which was every bit as beautiful as the food we were served. Even the kids ate the whole lot without complaint, which made a surprising change.

After that, we went for a live demonstration of turning, painting, making flowers etc. The kids and husband were absolutely fascinated. And the kids said they learned loads that they would remember when they do pottery next at school.

The people were all so nice and friendly and quickly got the kids involved, helping them to shape clay pots on the wheel and by the end they truly looked brilliant.

Understandably, the kids wanted to take their pots home, but they had to go into the kiln, so they promised to post the pots to our home later and took our address down. The pots arrived beautifully packed the following week and have taken pride of place in the kitchen ever since!

Overall, Wedgwood is a lovely place to visit, that’s spotlessly clean with plenty of loos (handy with kids) and all the staff were great with the kids. There was even had a colouring area in the restaurant for them!

If you want to have a truly great day out on your own, with a partner or as a whole family, we can really recommend this experience. One of the best days out ever.

The staff members who helped us were excellent and the exhibits were beautiful. Very informative and interesting.

I also picked up a couple of replacement plates for my Aunt in the outlet shop before heading home.


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