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Wembley Willie Horne statue moves forward

Rugby officials as well as dignitaries and community leaders have all put their support behind the campaign which will give Willie Horne a well-deserved statue at Wembley National Stadium. Horne was responsible for being the captain of his hometown club in the 1950s and led them to many victories.

The Rugby Football League recently announced a list of 10 sporting greats who would have statues erected of them but once they open voting to the public, they decided to add another three names to the list, and one of these was Willie Horne.

The Rugby legend already has a statue erected at Willie Horne Gardens which are located in South Cumbria. Emlyn Hughes will have a statue of himself erected on the corner of Holker Street and Abbey Road in Barrow. The statue of the town’s first may, James Ramsden will also be erected in Ramsden Square.

People from the local area around Barrow have said they would very much like to see the statue of Horne erected outside Wembley Stadium, but they admit that it is unlikely to happen. There are a great many rugby stars from the 1950s as well as stars from the more modern era. He is definitely not the favourite for the statue but a former councillor from Barrow has urged people to go online and vote for him.

Terry Waiting, a former council leader for Barrow has commented, “I think it would be very fitting to see a statue of Horne erected outside Wembley Stadium. He was a model for sportsmen and richly deserves having a statue erected in his honour at such a prominent location.”



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