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West Country art goes all American

bristolBristol gallery goers are in for a bold treat in summer of 2010 as a new North American cutting edge art will land in the West Country.  Starting on May 1st and reaching until August 22nd 2010 the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery will be home to an exhibition titled Art from the New World.

Included in the exhibition will be dozens of artworks from contemporary and urban US artists that will be under the supervision of curator Jan Corey Helford.

Helford is the curator and owner of the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, California and as thus most of the work for the show was created just for the exhibition.

Much like the Banksy Versus Bristol Museum, most of the exhibits will be located across the venue’s first floor on the ground.
One interesting perk of the exhibit includes a 15ft ice cream cone that is the work of street artist Buff Monster that visitors can walk into in place of an ice cream van.  Buff Monster is also going to be on site himself days before the exhibition opens in order to create murals to adorn the museum walls.

Other perks for visitors on opening day include people dressed as artwork created by Gary Baseman so that visitors can actually interact with the art hands-on.

Also noteworthy is the actual creation of a book sculpture installation by artist Mike Stilkey which will be marked by an entranceway adorned with 2,000 books built into a ten foot wall.


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