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William Stock exhibition dreams shattered

William Stock had been in what he thought was firm negotiations with the Boxfield Gallery for almost four five years since he first approached the gallery about an exhibition back in August of 2007. However when he went to pick up private view invitations for the exhibition that was supposed be upcoming this past December he found that the gallery space was now a restaurant named Pi Bistro.

Stock told the Telegraph that usually he did not attempt to get payment for any exhibitions, but now that he has had to change venues his reputation has been damaged. Stock had been planning with the Boxfield gallery that is part of the Stevenage Arts and Leisure centre for quite some time.

Originally the negotiations were completed with the previous art director of the gallery that was fired later in 2006. Despite this fact, Stock had another signed contract dated April 2010 for an unpaid project in which he was allowed to utilize space and walls that are not even in existence any more.

In October of 2011 the gallery asked Stock to sign another contract that would allow the gallery to change the conditions and terms of their agreement if need be. On October 8th Stock received a letter that explained that the Boxfield gallery was set to be developed and would soon host a restaurant. He said at the time the picture showed a table and two chairs which were away from the exhibition space so he had no problems.

However, when he showed up in December to get his event invitations he found that there was no gallery space at all and the entire area was now a bistro. He stated that the gallery combined his exhibition with the restaurant grand opening in order to try to get some free decoration.


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