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York Art Gallery set for £8m refurbishment

It has recently been announced that the York Art Gallery is going to have an £8 million refurbishment which is going to take over two years to complete. There is a hidden roof space in the gallery which is going to be renovated to provide extra space for exhibitions. The gallery is run by the York Museums Trust, and they said that the plan is going to increase the amount of space at the Museum by around 60 percent.

Some of the funding from the plan has come from a private bequest which was valued at £2 million and the rest of the money has been raised by grants and donations from The arts Council, as well as the City of York Council.

It is expected that the renovations are going to begin in January of next year, and the gallery is going to reopen with all of the renovations completed by early 2015. The Chief Executive of the museums trust in York is Janet Barnes and she has recently commented, “The whole plan for the renovations started after a man in the area left us £2 million as part of a private legacy. This has really given us the confidence to move forward with the rest of the fundraising, and we are delighted to say that the renovations are going to go ahead.”

The exhibitions that are usually shown in the gallery have a great deal of history, and they span over six centuries. One of the best-known artists from York is William Etty and some of his most notable work is located in the gallery, much of which features historic subjects as well as paintings that depict the biblical times. The expansion of the gallery is certainly something that is going to be welcomed by local residents, as well as visitors to York.



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