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York Art Gallery set for £8m renovation

The York Art Gallery will start a new eight million pound refurbishment in January as they use their roof space that is hidden away from common view to create new exhibition areas within the art gallery.

The £7.6m refurbishment will begin on December 31st when the York Art Gallery officially closes to the public so that the work can begin. The funding for the project was secured by the York Museums Trust.

A spokesman for the Trust stated that it already has £7.6m and is sure that it will be able to raise an additional £600,000 so that it can complete the refurbishment once it gets started. The entire plan is predicted to take about two years to complete and was completely funded by grants and donations.

At the close of the project the art gallery display space is expected to grow by about 60%. With the new space the gallery plans to be able to host more high profile and ambitious exhibitions. Plans include a new first floor South Gallery and a new gallery that will be added onto the Victorian roof space.

The largest contributor to the art gallery is the Arts Council England who donated a total of £3.5m. Regional director of the Arts Council, Cluny Macpherson, stated that the York gallery attracts plenty of cultural tourists from all over the UK and from other areas in the world.

Macpherson continued to explain that the £3.5m lottery grant will help to enrich all that York has to offer tourists while also creating a great contemporary visual arts space for the people that do live in Yorkshire.

The rest of the funding for the project comes from local business donations and a two million pound donation from an anonymous legacy.


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