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Youngest modern Royal artist completes portrait of the Queen

portrait of the QueenRupert Alexander has earned a small place in art history by becoming the youngest person to be commissioned to paint the Queen. He has produced the final in a series of portraits of the Royal family which began with the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales when Alexander was just 23; the latest painting of the Queen was completed when he was 35.

The London born artist who learnt his craft at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art, is believed to have had a total of three sittings with her Majesty in order to complete the painting.

The Queen is said to have been interested in discussing Alexander’s uncle Alan Campbell-Johnson during these meetings, as he was right-hand man to Mountbatten while he was serving as the Viceroy of India.

The selection of a head and shoulders portrait was apparently Alexander’s as he was trying to bring out the more intimate areas of her Majesty’s character, as such he deliberately avoided the inclusion of any Royal symbols or other ‘clutter’ that would take away from exposing her Majesty’s more ‘human’ side.

Alexander is the youngest artist to the commissioned to paint the Royal family in the last 300 years since the apprenticeship system for younger artists was withdrawn during the mid-17th century.

The artists’ time at school in Italy was funded by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) which seeks to bolster fading areas of the visual arts. Not surprisingly since his first Royal portrait his reputation as an artist has been greatly enhanced and he has become a very much in demand portrait painter.


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